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Hebron's Waller Landing project

The Town of Hebron is attempting to rezone approximately 400 acres of farmland (Waller Landing) for a huge residential and commercial development from Rt. 50 to the outskirts of this tiny town.  This development threatens Rewastico Creek, a major tributary of the Nanticoke River, by projecting huge increases in wastewater delivery to that system.  The Friends appealed Hebron’s first rezoning effort, and we are continuing our 5-year fight against this unsustainable plan for runaway growth in Hebron.

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Hebron Update:

After our appeal of Hebron’s rezoning of the Waller Landing property was upheld, the Circuit Court required Hebron to hold another public hearing on the matter.  The Town held the hearing last April, but it also appealed the judge’s ruling.  We have been preparing for this legal proceeding, but we learned last month that Hebron has decided to withdraw its appeal.   The MD Court of Special Appeals issued a Notice of Dismissal of the appeal on November 3, 2010.  However, the Town has still not issued its finding on the second public hearing, almost 7 months later.  For now, things appear to be stalled.