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Annual Updates

Mission: To protect and preserve the unique natural, cultural, and recreational resources of the Nanticoke River watershed throughout its extent for the benefit of present and future generations

Annual Updates:  2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999


1991- incorporated as a citizen’s non-profit
Local issue of development of riverfront property for condominiums
Focus on west side of Wicomico County
Depth of concern for traditional way of life


1992 – signed bi-state agreement
National Park Service
Nanticoke Watershed Preservation Committee
Friends of the Nanticoke River

Key areas of involvement:

1) Monitoring of:
     Activities without permits
     Applications for variances

2) Advocacy for land use legislation
     Sprawl management
     Development design standards

3) Land preservation

4) Stewardship
     Participation in helping to shape policy at all governmental levels
     Advocacy and support for the enforcement of county, state and federal laws protecting the watershed

2014 Year-End Update

I am very happy, and I have to say proud, to have served as the President of the Friends of the Nanticoke River this year. As you know, or will learn by reading on, we had a very productive 2014. »read more

2013 Year-End Update

Happy New Year to all our wonderful supporters!! This year, the Friends of the Nanticoke River have undergone major changes. We merged with the Nanticoke Watershed Preservation Group (NWPG), building a new steering committee comprised of volunteers from both original organizations, and began expanding our activities throughout the Watershed, from Nanticoke, MD to Seaford, DE. We also elected new officers, who began serving in January, 2014.  »read more

2012 Year-End Update

The big event on the Nanticoke River this year had to be Hurricane Sandy, at least for the lower portion.   The storm passed to the east of us, which meant we missed massive high tides and the damage that hit farther north, but high winds (50-60 kts sustained) blew from almost every direction on the high tide, and this had serious consequences.  Roaring Point Park lost 7 large loblolly pines and about 10 feet of shoreline (see photos).   This erosion would probably have been worse but for the Living Shoreline project we completed there in 2004. »read more

2011 Year-End Update

Our 20th anniversary year has ended, and we are pushing forward with efforts to strengthen and build coalitions with other environmental groups and with other River stakeholders, aiming for better awareness of this exceptional resource that is our river, during a time of lessened development pressure.  »read more

2010 Year-End Update

The Friends of the Nanticoke River was honored this year to be named as the memorial gift beneficiary by the family of Kelley Brohawn, a great lover and advocate for the river, who passed away in September.  The generous donations in memory of Kelley have reminded me how important it is for all of us to take the time to speak out for what we believe in and to hold on to what we love.  Our members stepped up this year to support us in our legal fight with the Town of Hebron as it continues to pursue the rezoning of Waller Landing (see below for details). I am hopeful that our efforts will ultimately lead to protecting Rewastico Creek and the Nanticoke River from the wastewater pollution and other impacts this project would engender. »read more

2009 Year-End Update

I know all of our members care deeply about the Nanticoke River and its watershed. We want this beautiful treasure to remain healthy for both people and wildlife. This desire is what motivates me to work on behalf of the river wherever it seems needed. I find I am always learning new ways to address the river’s challenges, connecting with people across the spectrum, from the farmers who live closest to the land to the Maryland Department of the Environment staffers who decide how (or whether) state laws will be applied on the local level. And I am continually amazed at number of people who know and want to protect this river. »read more

2008 Year-End Update

The Nanticoke River has received more attention and greater appreciation than ever before this year. From the publication of the first Nanticoke Creekwatchers’ Report, to the dedication of the Captain John Smith National Water Trail, to actions in both Maryland and Delaware targeting protection of the river, there is reason for hope that we are entering a new period of stewardship of our most precious resource. See below for details!. »read more

2007 Year-End Update

This has been an exciting and also a challenging year for the Friends of the Nanticoke River. We have worked hard to bring about change in the watershed on important policy matters, including land conservation, preservation of agriculture, and protection of the river’s water quality. We have made great strides in expanding the regional dialogue on conservation, and we have seen the resurgence of new and old partners in these endeavors. Citizen involvement is more evident than ever, and I have been especially excited about the outpouring of support from our members over the past year! Here is a summary of where we are and where we will be headed in the coming year:. »read more

2006 Year-End Update

2006 feels like the busiest year ever for the Friends of the Nanticoke River. From outreach and education to advocacy to collaboration, we worked to conserve the river we all treasure. Challenges have come from throughout the watershed and beyond. Last year, we made substantial gains in drawing awareness to the problems of growth and loss of natural lands. This awareness translated into a serious political discourse during the past election year, and now we face the task of bringing about real policy changes. As always, we are not alone in these efforts, and our allies are stronger and more diverse. Our environmental partners, such as the Wicomico Environmental Trust, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and the Citizens for Planned Growth of Dorchester County, are beside us to help with resources and actions. Some very important developments of the past year have happened through our work with the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance (NWA). I am excited about what we have accomplished and about where we are going. Here are some details: »read more

2005 Year-End Update

2005 was a year when I felt especially proud to be associated with the Friends of the Nanticoke River. Our strong conservation efforts are finally beginning to make a difference in the political landscape. People throughout the watershed are voicing their concerns about loss of forests, farmland, and natural resources, and about the harmful effects of overdevelopment. New conservation voices are speaking out, and more people recognize that development of watershed areas is directly tied to water quality and the health of wildlife populations in and around the river. »read more

2004 Year-End Update

2004 was a very active year for the Friends of the Nanticoke. We have continued our traditional efforts, including participation in the Vienna Shad Festival, hosting river cleanups, and advocacy for the river and its surrounding lands. We also embarked on several new initiatives and activities as detailed below. »read more

2003 Year-End Update

The Friends accomplishments this year include:

Edwin Lewis marsh hunting complex on Rewastico Creek
Wetipquin Creek Bridge
Nanticoke Harbor parking lot
Development of a web site
Nanticoke River Wade-In
Annual Coastal Cleanup near Seaford
»read more

2002 Year-End Update

The Friends accomplishments this year include:

Anniversary tree planting update
2010 Agreement endorsed by the Friends
Wicomico County Zoning legislation
Roaring Point shoreline
Other political action
Glatfelter properties protected from development
Water quality data available
»read more

2001 Year-End Update

The Friends accomplishments this year include:

Edwin Lewis Project
Blades Marina
10th Anniversary Celebration
»read more

2000 Year-End Update

The Friends accomplishments this year include:

Blades Marina
Our appeal is based on the following arguments
Lewis marsh project
Green House on Manumsco Creek
Nanticoke Memorial Hospital marsh destruction
Roaring Point
»read more

1999 Year-End Update

The Friends accomplishments this year include:

Successful opposition of an appeal in Circuit Court of a plan to expand a waste storage facility on Royal Oak Road.
The final purchase of the Roaring Point property by Wicomico County for conversion to a low-impact park.
Continued opposition to the proposed marina at Blades.
»read more